Thursday 18 April 2013


There's a lot to be said for not sticking rather ethnocentrically to your own country or country's language when it comes to music and lyrics. Ok, whatever, you might not be able to understand the language that the singer or band or whoever is singing in, but aside from that - what does it really matter? It doesn't, really, does it?

Anybody from any country ever can make an undeniable CHOON if you like that kind of terminology, and it's no different with what I am currently writing about.

And what's that? It's a song called 'cider cider' by a Japanese band called mitsume (which I think means something like 'three eyes' or 'three-eyed' or maybe I'm just completely dumb) and it is a great example of how good bands can be no matter where they are from. God this is polemic. No worries though. You take just one listen to the song and I'm sure you will understand where I'm coming fromz.

This track comes from mitsume's second album, simply called eye, released in - as far as I can gather - September 2012. But, hey, late doesn't matter when nobody from this country (UK) has heard the song, does it? Jus spreddin the werd.

At once you can recognise a funky indie groove not a million miles away (cause it ain't) from some things you may have set your ears upon before. However, there's something different about it. The slap bass, for instance, is mixed with regular bass playing and all of it, the scratchy guitars and the simple, minimalistic beat are offset against a cutesy pop synth that squees in the background - at least for a part.

My favourite part is the echo and reverb put onto the drums and the bass just before the halfway point of the song - whoa it nearly sends shivers y'know? Yeah that kind of sound just gets me, it's part dub part indie part something else you know? Really really like it. And also, you can't beat a good crescendo at the end of a song - just as 'cider cider' throws at you in all its upbeat, cocksure character.

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