Saturday 27 April 2013


I dunno if I said this about a song recently, but there's a certain vibe that always reminds me of playing Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. What's wrong with that? I'll tell you what's wrong with that: nothing. Some of the songs on those games' soundtracks were sooo nice, fit the games perfectly and - when I hear anything remotely like them now - I can feel nothing but the same chillment that I was bathed in every time I was not in school and the sun was out not so long ago. Yeah, playing videogames and not playing outside. That's Generation Whatever for you.

In any case, here's a song that illustrates that point perfectly. It's called 'Mon Amie De'Troit' by Tall Black Guy, featuring vocals from Ozay Moore. Everything's there that should be there, the slick laid-back beats, the glisteningly cool bassline and the glossy guitar that seems to shimmer in the urban sunlight, the effortless rap courtesy of Ozay. It all culminates in a deep vibe that Tall Black Guy's experience in production and magic touch in beat-crafting has more than just a little to do with it. Hear for yourselves.

This is heartfelt hip-hop at its best, the gentle rhythms perfectly supporting Ozay Moore's gliding rhymes as he romanticises the streets of the city of Detroit. There is a perfection here in how everything is slotted together, even with the sample telling of Detroit's heyday and its decline at the end, that works only to evoke the very soul of Motown itself, albeit in precise hip-hop format. A jewel.

I'm not the only one to think so. A big fan is Gilles Peterson, who played Tall Black Guy's 'Signs and Wonders' on BBC 6 Music. Surprised this guy isn't more well known to be honest. Then: Get him well known! Pass this on to people you think would like it!

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