Wednesday 24 April 2013


Heard this song on Kitsuné Maison 3, which was released earlier this year and featured, amongst others, TOYS (whom I wrote about a while back) and also FAUVE (whom I covered as well). It's by a French electronic duo called CINEMA, comprised of Calypso Valois and Alexandre Chatelard - not that I know exactly who these guys are, but they're influenced by a lot of people (as are, let's be honest, all musicians of all kinds) not least David Bowie.

But I would say more on the Kraftwerk side of things. That's definitely the telltale sound you get with 'UV' anyway.

Yep. With the plinky button-pressing synth sounds and steady robotic beat, you could actually be forgiven for thinking this was a different song from an earlier time. But of course it's not, it's brand new. There's a swarthy bass synth and coming-right-for-ya chord waves that fade in and out giving a dark mood to the song - altered vox synth, or what seem to be, add to this effect. And then there are the vocals, plaintive and hushed, that feature only for a small portion of the song, just before the moody waves come back for a little climax. Écoutez:

Head-boppingly fun. Love that melody. The whole thing gives the impression of a noiseless rave full of colourful clothes and seething with eye-contact. Paint your own picture by using your imagination! Make music fun! Anyway, CINEMA have an EP out and it's called UV. You can buy that if you like.

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