Saturday 13 April 2013


This lovely ditty comes from STRFKR or Starfucker, if you like, and it's called 'Beach Monster'. Now that we have the obvious out of the way: what is Starfucker? can we ever know the true nature of Starfucker?

It's a band. From Oregon (USA, duh). And no, we cannot know the true nature of STRFKR. But why not? Well, like all good 'electronica' bands, they instantly have a varied and suits-all kind of sound. Like, your sister will love to sing along to them but you will rave to them. As interchangeable as their own shock-factor name and the capitalised, vowelless version of it (and their brief moniker of PYRAMID). And it's a distinct luxury only at the disposal of indie/pop/electro bands who surfaced in the later days of the 2000s - take MGMT for instance and compare Oracular Spectacular and Congratulations: WELL different.

Anyway that's all theory and conjecture and whatever. Better than me just writing omg heres strfkr with a new song copypastepressrelease. Well, maybe it isn't. Who knows? Let's just listen to the song, shall we?

It's from their 3rd album, out now, called Miracle Mile. I like it, in all its psychedelia-tinged pop loveliness. The whole Buddy Holly thing that's going on the video never gets old for me (I adore Weezer's 'Buddy Holly', what a great video) but as for the song itself, it's fab. The yearning faraway lo-fi vocals and that sitting-on-a-beach acoustic guitar lend themselves to a summery aesthetic that I'm either imagining (due to lack of sun in England) or that is inherent in this song. Probably the latter because it is called 'Beach Monster' after all.

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