Tuesday 16 April 2013


How did I miss this? Well, suffice to say, I missed it. And how do I not know this guy? Well, I don't. Now I do. It's Flume. Ha ha... of course. Of course it is.

He's Australian and he's 21 (real name Harley Streten - strong name) and was signed to Future Classic records in 2011. Apparently, according to Wikipedia, he first started making music aged 13 with some kind of disc he got free in a cereal packet. Two things: 1. What is this disc? and 2. There's not much free stuff in cereals anymore.

Well whatever whatever, omg-you-didn't-know-this-guy?s aside (and there will be people who read this, if there is anybody out there reading, who don't know Mr. Flume), this is the first song I played on his SoundCloud page and it's called 'Warm Thoughts'. Five months old or not, it's gooood stuff.

So yeah, it's chillwave alright. But it does make you feel warm and cozy inside, like wearing a onesie (I've never worn a onesie) on a snowy day. It's a delicious song, in all seriousness, the crispness of the beat so crisp and crunchy that you could almost reach out and take a mighty bite out of it - it's the kind of thing that would taste very good, I can imagine. The honky-tonk piano-ish loop is gorgeous too, just the right sound to loll around on top of that slow beat. The vocal samples, no actual words that I can discern, are echoed, spun, taken for a ride, dotted everywhere like a painter would use paint.

Unexpectedly, the chill is sliced through by the ice cold last 40 seconds of the song - everything turns glitchy and relentless and spins towards some post-song ecstasy, courtesy of Flume. It's addictive and plays like a beam of sunshine actually trying to get inside your ear. My ears tickle now.

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