Thursday 25 April 2013


How did I find this? I can't even remember. I was going to relate to you a tale of how I did so, but I don't know. I found it, didn't I? It's nice nice nice. Nice! This is German techno maestro Cosmin TRG (aka Cosmin Nicolae, aka TRG)'s new track 'New Structures For Loving'.

The song actually does sound like new structures for loving, ya there's definitely a certain romantic vibe floating around it, something touching and warm. But what is certainly true about the title and the song is that there is STRUCTURE. V important in any song really, but here it's as formulated as a logic puzzle. The different parts to the song pop in and out to heighten or decrease dynamic; a veritable lesson in the structure of a song for us layfolk but for Cosmin it's just another way of expressing something. Or it's just fun. It must be fun to make music.

In any case, the build up of different tracks is pretty glorious yeah it is, from the beat to the melody, everything fits all at the same time, yet it can be broken down into its more basic parts and still sound just as good, even with other sounds missing. NICE. Listen.

Alien radio static marks the first part of this song, blips and bleeps signalling above a crackling loop that - at its very essence - could be a very diluted beat. It's an heartaching start to the song - you're certainly in suspense, that's for sure. Buuuuut, then the BEAT does actually arrive... and then the next thing and the next thing. More bass to the kick. Thin razor sharp open hi-hats like crickets chirping. Trickling rain stick type noises. Staccato muffled synth. Sub-bass. Always with the static. The minutiae of a tiny xylophone clipping.

This is the very first track, as in Track 01 and the first to be released, from his upcoming album Gordian (Greek mythology innit, the impossible-to-undo Gordian Knot was cut apart by someone - it's a little fable about lateral thinking), out 26th April on 50 Weapons.
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