Friday 12 April 2013


Soz not done for today yet.

Not yet anyway. Just came across this. A song called 'You + Me' by a guy who goes by the name of Real. Sometimes I really hate doing these introduction type things because there are only so many ways you can introduce a person and after a while it all gets strange - I think "...goes by the name of..." is a great example. It's a new one, but it's stupid, isn't it? Some salty dog pirate saying, or dusty old cowboy expression - one or t'other. How can I introduce thee? Let me count the ways. Actually let's not. Let's move on.

Sometimes it's easy to think that music is only propagated by people who are already well established in the music scene. It's even easier to fall into thinking that good music is only made by artists whose names you know already. But what needs to be remembered by those who forget is that all famous artists start off not famous at all. And that a famous artist doesn't necessarily make good music all the time. Unknowns can make good music. They can also make bad music. And well-known artists can be good but they can certainly fall on the wrong side of awful, too.

Basically, you can find good music anywhere.

And here is one such example:

It's a very London sound - garage through and through. Makes sense cause Real is from London. But aside from the geography, it's an extremely sexy tune. The ebb and flow of the fluffy synth is pure butter for the ears (is that nice?) and the vocal sample does exactly what you'd want it to do, get chopped up, looped, layered and brought up an octave - these are the most notable parts for a while. Even before the beat helter-skelters in, it's garagey, but when the rattles of the beat do surface it's a joy to bop along to, I must say.

The synth grows more abrasive and stretchy throughout until an amazing solo comes in, an upbeat, carefree kind of high-pitched noise that buzzes along like a jaunty bee on its way to a party. This has 'SUMMER' written all over it, and it's a humid, urban, restless summer, that's for sure.

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