Thursday 25 April 2013


I quite like Disclosure. I've heard a few of their songs, not from online or anything, but on the radio as I've been just living my normal life. A deeper look tells me that it's a band made up of two brothers, Guy and Howard Lawrence, who come from Surrey in the UK - that's the area I come from. Huzzah! Anyway I really enjoy their music so I was pleased to find that a new song, or rather a new video for that song: 'You & Me'. It features vocals from English singer-songwriter, Eliza Doolittle.

And my my is her voice suited to the luscious garage sound lovingly provided by the fraternal team of Disclosure. Yes, in amongst the tangle and complexities of the garage rhythm, delicate hi-hats offset against punchy kick supporting that gorgeous snap of a snare, there is Doolittle's voice, clear and dynamic, jumping all the time from high to low. Lovely, really. Who would've known she would do something like this? It's pretty much a perfect fit.

Watch and listen just below.

Video reflects the song. I'm not sure why. Obviously that's why it's the video for the song and not something else, duh. However, as with many garage songs - even those of the future garage variety - it is the beat that is supposed to shine through more than anything else. Or is it? I dunno. Maybe it just seems that way, like it's the norm for the vocals in this style to be of a certain type. In any case, they are effective, and whilst not extremely ear-catching or definitively characteristic of Doolittle, they do WORK. And that's the point. The song is a whole thing. Start breaking it down into who's done what bit the best and which brother made the hi-hat sound the way it did blah blah blah... know what I mean?

It's a catchy tune, one that certainly injects more than a little rhythm into the veins. The minimalistic complexity of Disclosure is something that really excites me, and the wom-wom deep synth of the chorus (as with their other recent songs I know of, 'Latch' - whose vocals, I think, are much more stand-out - and more similarly, 'White Noise' - same story with the vocals, actually) is just perfect. This song is more of a 'typical' garage vibe than their other two, but one that demonstrates their skill with beats and sounds nonetheless - I still really enjoy it.

Their debut album, called Settle, is out June 3rd on PMR Records.

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