Saturday 20 April 2013


The first thing that I like about this is the fact that you can make an interrogative statement out of it: "Is Tropical dancing anymore?" I'm not sure. Just who is this 'Tropical'? Not to worry though, cause it ain't a person or a thing it's just silliness, just wordplay. Sorry.

The other thing that I like about this is that it's a nice song - yes, 'Dancing Anymore' by IS TROPICAL (formed 2009 & hailing - god I hate that word - from London) is a very nice song. It's an indie-dance song, essentially, with a hint of something troubled in the melancholic style of the singing. I suppose this reflects the lyrics of the song, "You don't take me dancing anymore, oh it's been a long time since I been on the floor" - touching really. Especially to someone who likes to dance a lot. A consideration of the fact that things change in life, everything is temporary, especially the fun relationship you think you used to have but no longer do have cause there's no more dancing and way more, I dunno, shouting or just being boring and staying inside all the time or something? Things crumble, and this song is an upbeat illustration of that unfortunate (for many) fact.

You can have a listen to the song yourself below of course my friends.

It's got a good sound huh? It's almost a hark back to those halcyon days of indie dance in 2007-8 the way it goes. It's good a good galloping bassline, a 4/4 beat that whilst not breaking into new ground serves its purpose and makes you move all the same and a nice bit of saw-wave synth in there to keep things interesting. The hooks are everywhere, in the verse, the chorus, the melody - quite addictive but feels almost like it's over too quickly. Time flies when you're having fun I guess.

The video, however, is a different story. How strange. YouTube removed it, I think, but Vimeo kept it on. It's... well, I suppose in a bizarre way it shows the sometimes unfulfilling nature of growing up. Dreams fizzle-fade and whatnot. I like the video and it certainly, um, keeps to the rhythm of the song. Watch if you ent already.

Weird eh? But anyway, all that aside, this song is the first single from IS TROPICAL's upcoming album I'm Leaving, set for release May 20th on Kitsuné. And there you have it.

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