Wednesday 10 April 2013


This song is just gorgeous. IF U AINT HERD IT HERE IT NOW LOL!

There's nothing I like better than a song that ushers in its own Summer just in the sounds that mash together in the however many minutes it takes it to grow from its unassuming start to its sweaty chilled ending. That's my favourite kind of song, you know? The kind that summons its own Summer. Yeah! Where's that sun!?

So this song, as I said, is just gorgeous. It's by Hot Natured and Ali Love (the latter of which being a part of the former) and is called 'Benediction' but it sounds a lot more like, well, not a benediction, but something a lot better, much better than church (sooo much better).

It's totally beautiful, there's like this wonderful soft-focus marshmallow-like chord bop that is its hook, sounding a lot like 'Sexy Love' by Ne-Yo. Then there's this popping melody, strain your ear and you're hear it hopping along beside it all, like a little ditty from 'Return of the Mack'? Is that where it's from? Not from, but... reminiscent of. It came out in October 2012, a long way away from Summer, but I predict that it will be THE song for the Summer. Yeah, THE song.

God it's fabulous. Those string stabs. The undeniable groove of it all. Aiya!

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