Friday 26 April 2013


It's amazing what you find sometimes. Here's a song called 'I Heard' by a Scottish trio called Young Fathers, made up of Kayus Bankole, Graham Hastings, Alloysious Massaquoi. They call themselves a "psychedelic hip hop boy band" apparently and it's not actually far off the resulting sound that these three think up together. So, it was a pleasant surprise to stumble upon these guys.

Combining exotic-sounding beats with a wash of deep, gurgling bass, the song is exemplified by its soulful vocals, whose echoing tones and faraway layering effects tower in the choruses with the somewhat touching (no pun intended) refrain of "Inside I'm feeling dirty", and croons near mournfully in the verses. Slow and sure of itself, 'I Heard' is a great, calm-yet-stormy track for sure.

Listen for yourself:

The whole thing is atmospheric, ambient synth organ sounds introducing the song alongside the clip-clop of plodding percussion as the voice comes in. Everything mixes together towards the end in a chilled yet intense climax that left me feeling glad to have heard the song and also curious as to what would come next. Luckily, there is more new stuff after this to come. Yes. This song apparently comes from a new release titled simply Tape Two, out 11th June on Anticon.

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