Sunday 21 April 2013


This song is instant joy. 6 months old or 6 years old, there's no rhyme or reason to how much time it took for me to discover this song nor for this song to find itself to mine and perhaps now your ears, if you haven't heard it before that is. INSTANT JOY I tell thee.

This is Emil & Friends with 'Rain Check'. It sounds a little like Prince, is that ok to say? It's my effin post so yeah, it is ok to say. First time I heard it I thought, "Prince" and "This is good!" - both good things.

Not only is there this wholly danceable, groovable, boogieable er, groove to the song, one that is catchy in a good way. Are there bad types of catchy? Yeah. Definitely (Ruby Ruby Ruby Rubyy). Well, everything about this song is catchy, from the lush blare of the brass section (yeah there's one of those) to the crunchy bass and the ever-so-slightly-funk-tinged guitar. It gives me the impression of someone jauntily walking down the street y'know, boppin' along like butter sliding across a frying pan, and there is within it all these happy smells and sights and other sounds of a sunny morning in a city. It simply oozes pop.

Clearly, however, this feeling I get comes from not just the music but the lyrics too. They're clever and sung with just as much of a hook in their melody, smoothed over with a feel-good tone that brings it all together, helped by thickly layered vocal tracks that bring plenty of warmth to the table. The different parts of this song keep it fresh and popping out at you from all angles. The chilled breakdown with the lone guitar strumming that pretty riff is particularly effective in its dynamism in relation to the parts that come either side of it. Just listen for yourself, I'm rambling.

Pretty isn't it? A bubblingly charming song that's perfect for a sunny morning with bacon and eggs and no work to go to, just the promise of a nice day. I really really like it.

6 months eh? We should be due something more from him... one day? Soon? Please? All the stuff for you below as usual to explore this artist further should you wish to.

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