Saturday 13 April 2013


Thanks to the world being like totally modern these days, an exclusive shown at Coachella (trendy in-the-desert type festival if you don't know) no longer has to be exclusive to just the people at Coachella. Which I'm sure is - or was - the point of showing it exclusively at Coachella.

Saw one clip of it on YouTube and thought well, if that exists, surely the song itself is somewhere. So I searched for it and all I found was about 20 different videos from different angles of the same teaser video that was shown at Coachella. Well exclusive innit.

In any case, it's a teaser for a new song from electro grandmasters Daft Punk's upcoming new album Random Access Memories. As you can tell it's called 'Get Lucky' and it also features Pharrell Williams - as far as I can tell, the new album is going to be a collaborative affair. Check the list of names out. There's a lot on the bill, including Nile Rodgers and Julian Casablancas, to pluck those fruits from my memory.

As for the song itself, wooee it's an instant classic. It's catchy with a catchy vocal hook, it's funky with funky guitars, and... well, what more do you want from a Daft Punk song? Danceable excellence. And with Pharrell singing, it's a silky smooth number that melts in the mouth - the aural equivalent, anyway. Mmmm.

You can pre-order Random Access Memories from the indefatigable Daft Punk by clicking on any of the words in this sentence. Excited.

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