Monday 22 April 2013


What a sound. It feels like I'm floating. This song is really nice. Slow down there, it's Bibio - real name with 'You'.

It's only the intro to this fab song that makes me feel like that. Everything sounds as if it's underwater as this high pitch string emulating sound plinks over the top, gradually this vocal sample fades in and then everything explodes into life. A hip-hop beat and cut up string samples are jagged above the smooth bassline. The vocal sample is the star here, a high pitched affair that smacks of gritty pop. It's genius stuff here, the way everything is interlocked.

But then as you can here, something happens for the last minute where everything chills out so much you're not sure whether to sigh with awe or cry at how beautiful it sounds. The kind of music that makes you even consider such a decision is the kind that you should hold onto and take out a box every now and again. Then again you can just rinse it and play it to your heart's content until you're sick of it.

Though I doubt you could get sick of the sweep-washing sounds of this song, with its distinct Intro-Middle-Outro setting it's a mini-opera in instrumentals only, changing mood - one moment you're joyously bopping your head and the next you're taken on a slow river-of-life comedown - and atmosphere with expert twists and turns in layers, sampling and slowdowns that are brought together with an expert ear.

Listen for yourself yes do.

Yep. Good innit? The song comes from his upcoming album Silver Wilkinson, out 13th May. Can we be expecting an experiment between the chill sound he's married here with a classic kind of hip-hop, almost rap-backing-track (a little Clams Casino if you ask me) type sound? I hope so. Cause it's worked damn darn well.

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