Monday 22 April 2013


I talked about covers recently and said something to the extent of they can be good or bad. The good ones tend to be clever in their approach, the band ones - not so. This cover of SBTRKT's 'Wildfire' from Brighton-based band Almighty Planets is quite easily in the former category. It doesn't just fall into this category, it has firmly placed itself there with confident steps, that's for sure.

The main change is that there is a dub rhythm, even style, in place now and it suits the song wonderfully. The drums are explosive and echoing, adding darting dub fills in between its stamping beat. The horn section really does it for me, and adds even more of that laid back jazzy dub midnight on a bustling veranda feel to the song - as does the bass, subby and grooving with attitude, arranged perfectly for the cover, giving it such a different vibe it's unreal.

Saxophone solo? Yeah, it's there and it's like a luxurious drive down a street lit with neon signs to a beach hotel. Something like that. In other words, it makes ye feel good dunnit - sounds damn good too. The vocals are rich and layered, a veritable cake of voice that provides a more chilled vibe to this part than was in the original with vocals from Little Dragon, which almost overpowered it - these vocals mesh with everything else and cooperate to bring you the best in songs-that-work-really-well. Whet your appetite enough? Then listen up.

Tasty tasty stuff. And what's more you can down-bloody-load it, what a lovely bonus! This'll be on the summer playlist fo sho. As for the band, by the sounds of things they should be on the up-and-up-and-up in no time.

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