Friday 19 April 2013


Ah, there's just something glorious sounding about twinkling glittery guitar sounds that I can't help but love. It makes me picture someone playing a guitar that's as small as a pager. Yeah, a pager yo. Not an iPhone, but a pager. That's how cute, how かわいい, this sound just is to me. Simply that.

So these guys are called Hola a Todo el Mundo or as they are otherwise known aka-ly, HATEM (prefer the full-spelled way cause I just picture it as hate 'em and I don't hate 'em). As you might be able to glean from the Spanish name, this band is Spanish - from Madrid in fact, and they have been famous previously for their folksy-indie sound.

But I just don't see it as that. There are many more folky things than this particular song, for example, 'They Won't Let Me Grow'. Since there's an official video, let's watch that instead of some SoundCloud waves go by, eh? Eh?

It's a wholesome number that combines those tinkling guitars with meaty bass to produce an anthemic sound capable of powering a small town, I'm sure. There's something oh-so-sure about the steady slightly offbeat synth bassline that seems to give this song teeth which fuel the loud dynamic as the quiet, guitary part flits its way between these mouthfuls of electronic goodness.

It almost seems to be over too quickly, but for the whole three minutes and twenty-something seconds you're getting a wildly feel-good atmosphere from the music - just makes you wanna listen again and again. Good stuff fer sher.

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