Saturday 30 November 2013


Wow I feel weird today. A mix of being slightly hungover with an added general out-of-sorts feeling, morose kinda, maybe it's something to do with the shitty weather and getting up too late so I see only a few hours of sunshine before the day turns to evening – well, I say sunshine, but it's just grey. Grey grey grey. Gets a bit stupid after a while. Bring on spring, that's I say: Bring. On. Spring.

Anyway, all that aside, here's something I've been meaning to post for a long while now. Ever since this person messaged me on SoundCloud, and I listened to their track, I thought, "This is nice!" and I've gone back to it every once in a while for a listen, always putting the actual writing-up of the track on the subconscious back-burner. Now, however, we're here. This is it. It is a remix from an artist called SMOKI of Justin Timberlake's comeback hit 'Suit & Tie'. (If you're wondering, this image is the one SMOKI picked to accompany the track – what on Earth is that animal? A sloth?)

Based in Worcester (a place in the UK; pronounced "wuss-tuh") and self-taught as a producer since August 2012, SMOKI (real name Sam Oakey) shows off what is clearly an inherent talent in this remix – either that, or he did a LOT of self-teaching. Beginning with plasma blasts of vocal sample and warm hollow synths, percussed with delayed woodblocks and clicks as well as the occasional heavily reverbed clap, we move quickly into the bounding beat with its clusters of kicks and disco hi-hat that stays with us for the rest of the song. Alongside the organ-like synths follows the beam-like bass, booming subtly from the lower depths of the track.

Stopping in all the right places for a breather, allowing for slight changes in dynamic, like the use of different vocal samples as well as busy additions to the beat - in the last third, for instance, a shaker gets added to the beat for added fidgetiness - the track is a warm and future thinking piece that takes the bright vocals of Justin Timberlake's original and puts them to use in much different surroundings. It's perfectly chilled house and it's very nice. I would like to hear an original from this guy, for sure – then again, I'd like to hear more remixes from him too. Hoorah!

Listen to SMOKI on SoundCloud

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