Tuesday 19 November 2013


I've been having a look at these guys for a while, always wanting to write about them but always getting distracted by other things. In fact, the place I found these guys and their music, which is the SoundCloud page of Australian label Bedroom Suck Records, is a pretty interesting place, filled with exclusively Australian music. So if you want to hear some stuff you've never heard before, I'd recommend checking that out.

So anyway. Anyway anyway anyway. The guys in question are a band called Bitch Prefect, a name that conjures I dunno for me all I see is J'amie King, but which is perfectly brash - what with those two plosive consonants bursting at the start of each word - and which suits their sound right down to the ground. I mean, they describe themselves as "pop" on their Facebook page but it's a little more than that. It's pop for slackers; laid-back music for summer holidays, the soundtrack to getting suspended from school, or just hanging around your local town where there's like nothing to do. These are the eternal places from where this music springs forth. An indie garage-rock kinda feel, with some of their songs sounding a little like a less frantic version of early Joy Division. Dare I say punk?

But hey! That's just a label! Listen up for yourself. Here's 'Shipped It'.

With a jogging pace beat the song trundles on with exactly the same melody almost the whole way through (except for a little bridge in the middle and the final part), but there's nothing bad about it. The guitars have such a wonderfully jangling sound that all you really wanna hear is them, no matter what they're doing. There's something great about the ever so slight distortion on the rhythm guitar chords, something haphazard and determined in the way they plough through those three chords again and again. I like a raw sounding drum, and the drums in 'Shipped It' are nothing short of raw - you can even hear them echoing in the room they were played in. It's all very DIY.

The vocals are great as well, rippling with a whatever attitude, reflecting a kind of 1960s proto-punk sound, especially the oi-oi, all-join-in continual chant of "Shipped it overseas!" You can hear the Australian drawl, the dangerous lilt apathy in its tones. It's great and I love it. The little solo at the end too, a slapdash set of pinging notes, has an atmosphere of nonchalant cool which is kinda the embodiment of the song - a gem of lo-fi, I have to say. A great driving song, I'd imagine. I'd also like to see how this sounds live, might be a whole lot more crazy.

This comes from their new LP Bird Nerds, which was released on 7th November on Bedroom Suck Records. Bitch Prefect are from Melbourne & Adelaide and are by name: Scott O'Hara, Pat Telfer and Liam Kenny

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