Thursday 14 November 2013


I think, I think I don't know exactly because this is all subjective after all, but I THINK that Cory Jreamz is just getting better and better. If you don't know about him already you either should or you more than likely will. Why's that? Well, because he's been making some waves recently. Having been played by Scroobius Pip - an esteemed rapper in the UK himself - on his XFM radio show The Beatdown (premiering this particular song, 'Nina', last Saturday), he's also naturally been getting featured and interviewed on a load of online publications. Good! Cause he's good.

His latest song is called 'Nina' as you probably now know. Produced by t extends and accentuates all of the elements that have previously gone together in making a Cory Jreamz track: poetic, confident lyrics - a comfortable flow - dark, chaotic beats. They're all here. But it seems that his flow here is more verbose than it has been previously - he literally says more words than he ever has done, I think. The beat is a mash of crunchy, distorted synth and sub-bass kicks coupled with glass-breaking cymbals and faraway snares: a busy, menacing vehicle for Jreamz's smooth and often rage-venting words.

I might be totally stupid here but I don't know what the titular 'Nina' refers to. It's a shame because if I knew I'm sure I'd like this song even more. Despite that, CJ's sheer passion in his lyrics, referencing record labels that say you gotta have a singer on your songs, or people who told him to just go get a job like a normal person, in addition to his audacious, sometimes-cerebral-sometimes-pop-culture references, which here include Richard Pryor, Da Vinci and Zeus, paint the picture of Cory Jreamz as a personality quite well.

There's a great dynamic here in this song, where it fades out into nothing and then fades back in with the sound that's either Chewbacca or some kind of monster coming to life. And it's a fitting noise, as the music that appears next is even more distorted and much dirtier, a beast risen at the end with crashing snares and an almost industrial vibe, decorated with swarming noises from the darkness and choral synth chords. The brass sound that pervades the song throughout is something that almost owes itself to grime music, perhaps an intentional move to align the music with the raw, brash sound of grime itself. In any case: another good song in a string of good songs, all with the theme of amelioration. Just 19 years old, he's definitely on to a winner.

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