Monday 25 November 2013


Seriously. Seriously. If you don't already know about this guy, then please get to know him and listen to all his music - I mean, if you like this song, there is really no reason why you wouldn't like all of his other songs. If you do know him: share his music with everybody! Play it in your car, play it to your friends - for instance, the sounds of Metome are like, the staple of late night chilling & drinking with friends. This Japanese producer totally deserves more exposure.

Saying that, I really definitely missed out on writing about his last song. (Well, not entirely because I managed to cover it - name: 'Bshop's Ring Sun' - for Dummy magazine). Not to worry. Because he's literally just uploaded a new track called 'Black Black'. It's marked with what typifies a regular Metome (real name Takahiro Uchibori) track - smooth sampling, dynamism, definitive groove - but this one seems even more polished, more minimalist, deeper. I'm not altogether sure because each Metome song, despite their similar elements, sounds satisfyingly different.

Taking low-register vocal samples and spreading them over a bed of vinyl crackling and slow-moving swirls of clouds, the song starts in a chilled fashion, captivating and tranquilising with its ambient ataractic atmosphere. Always one for unexpected movements within his music, however, Metome turns up the heat and starts to fry us up with a delicious medley of flavours. With the samples till taking their lead position, he casually tosses in unmistakably funky slap bass - with the treble way up for for maximum raw twangs - providing foundation for occasional piano and synth chords. Dancing in and out of these delectable sounds is the intensely skiffling beat, noodling hi-hats sometimes shearing into the spaces between sounds.

Sometimes a bit of sub-bass bulges in like a mysterious deep-sea creature. What is an interesting addition to the fold is a bit of saxophone (at least, I THINK it's saxophone), jazzily tearing its way through the naturally resounding, porous space that Metome has left in his wake. That's one element that I think he never does away with: jazz. Jazz-inflections, jazz-spirit, jazz-improv. It's often in his songs in one way or another and it's a very unique way to present the genre; yeah, it's like electronic jazz. But it's not at the same time. Kind of undefinable, don't you think? I'll try again... electro-chill-jazz-step, perhaps. If you like this, share it with everyone. Oh, and Metome is currently working on an album, so I think it'd be safe to assume that 'Black Black' is taken from said album. Isn't it exciting?

Hey, here's an interview that I did with Metome — please have a read!

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