Thursday 14 November 2013


Here's something cool. Well not necessarily cool - that's like beauty, in the eye of the beholder. What do I know? I've just been called a "whitey hipster" and I'm struggling to come to terms with my own identity. I'm deeply hurt. I'm not really I'm just confused about people. Anyway, this is really irrelevant. So you've probably seen the video above this little bit of writing. It's from London-based duo Psapp, whose desertified percussion in 'Everything Belongs To The Sun' I wrote about a couple of months ago.

The name of the song is 'Wet Salt' and it's a magical, delicate toytronica bossa nova. Lush sweeps of percussion clip, clop, twist, swish and trickle their way through the song and cutesy electric piano chords provide a breezy melody that has a touch of grey-sky lament to it. Layered vocals sing the light commentary on our urban filth, with lines like "Our unwashed sheets, our filthy streets, I didn't care at first." Overall, it feels like a slice of sense, a pocket of sorrow, in the midst of the bustling and thoughtless city airflow - yet there is still this magical sound thanks to the luscious percussion; we can't stop being in love with the city, no matter how dirty it is.

The video itself is illustrative: "This video tells the stopframe story of a hapless but intrepid paper shape on her journey through a hostile city, and the strange band of litter creatures she befriends on her way," said Psapp. "Banana skins, scouring pads, ants, shuttlecocks and benevolent hats all appear to help our plucky protagonist." It's cute!

It comes from their new album What Makes Us Glow which is OUT NOW.

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