Friday 15 November 2013


Every song this band releases seems to be just right - no matter if it's about food (as in their self-titled song 'Superfood') or TV (as in, um, 'TV' - the song's been taken down though...) or about– well, it's not about bubbles but it IS called 'Bubbles'. Who are they? What are they? Well, they're a band from Birmingham, UK, and they're called Superfood and they make really nice music. They're a four-piece, I've only just now found out: Carl Griffin (drums), Emily Baker (bass), Ryan Malcolm (guitars) and Dom Ganderton (vocals/guitars).

I've seen things said about these guys like that they're catching the "butt-end of brit pop" but I was never much of a fan of brit pop so... And anyway, I wrote before that I think they sound a little like an English Weezer. Anglo-Weezer. Or is it the case that Weezer sound like an Americanised brit pop act? Either way, I don't really want to talk about brit pop too much. I feel queezy. I want to talk about Superfood because they're Supergood. They have a new song which is called 'Melting' and true to form with this song they continue to impress and excite.

Ok, so it is kinda like brit pop. There are moments in here that seem to channel early Blur - especially the chorus - but it has its own heartbeat. There's a slacker feel to the song, something gloriously lazy and university-soundtrack about its feel, the slapdash distorted guitar stabs in the verse and the swinging collapse of the raw drums. It combines this with a real ear for dynamic, each song so far - including this one - has felt like a musical story. As for decoration, there are lovely little drum rolls, not so much a screaming as a groaning guitar solo, and a honky-tonk-sounding piano being bashed throughout, giving this a really nice live vibe, like something some students taking over a pub and its piano for an evening would play. Well, if pubs had pianos anymore. I've never even seen one in a pub WHAT am I talking about?

Anyway, it's easy-on-the-ear and punchy, equal parts intelligent and catchy; each sound finds time to breathe, each element shining out at one point or another: the funky slides of the bass in the verse, the deliciously British and wholly natural vocals, the delicate guitar picking before the last chorus. There is something really mundane in the thud of the beat, something that is not a negative thing at all and is in fact positive: this mundanity, the plodding rhythm of the song, gives it a unique touch that is adorable and that also gives a lot of room for speeding the songs up into rollicking, fever-pitch versions of themselves live. Maybe not. I dunno, I've never seen them live. But that's the impression I get. Anyway, it's fun, I like it. Do you?

This is out as a single on 9th December alongside 'Bubbles' and both tracks will appear on their forthcoming MAM EP, out early 2014 on Infectious Music. There's no reason why Superfood shouldn't get a lot of praise & at least some amount of fame off the back of this, cause they deserve it.

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