Monday 4 November 2013


The Netherlands. Holland. Dutch place. Whatever you call it, it's the same area: a country in Western Europe. Why the brief snippet of geography? Because it's this country that the producer at the heart of this post, Julien Mier, calls home. Or if he doesn't actively do that, then at least we can safely say it's where he's from and is currently dwelling.

I have written about Mr Mier before, back in August, namely his song 'Porcelain Dust', which came from his LP Jane's Junkyard released earlier this year. It was a glitchy affair that was awash with lush, clattering percussion - a rich yet close-to-delicate sound. An interesting take on things, that's for sure. And what's better than interesting? Well, not much. Interest in stuff is what holds your attention; interest breeds "like" and "love".

This time around I have the brand new video for his equally brand new song, the nicely named 'Super Tropic Tramp'. The video was created by animators Koji Aramaki and Hiroki Kato and feels very much like an abstract and immediate reaction to the music itself. Prepare yourself for a colourful collage of rhythmic shapes.

Exploding out of one initial clap, the song's intro shines with long icy chords with a faint, panning delay to them that puts this sound very much in a space-age realm. Noises like, or that actually are, birds chirping join the show as the lead up to the song proper builds up. Again, it's a glitchy affair, frantically bubbling synth bubbles wild stuttering synth chords - it has this triumphant feel that is very difficult not to love. Under this a half-time beat provides a downtempo head-noddingly fine rhythm, a nice consistency for the synth-assault above.

After this stops, we're left with the nervously avian heartbeat of the kick and clinks of percussion continuing the song to its end as thin chords again take us into a floating, space-like place. It's a nice way to kick-start your senses - this intense slide from calm to crazy - yet at all times it feels masterfully restrained. The sign of a producer who knows how to get people's hearts racing, that's for sure. The song is from an upcoming collection by Julien Mier called When Will They Wake Up featuring remixes of his music from people like Sun Glitters and Alphabets Heaven, released on lovely Canadian label King Deluxe (Metome, Aleph, etc.), 11th November.

PS. I made a small test mix a few days ago that included this song at the end if you wanna hear it.

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