Friday 22 November 2013


A crazy thing happened the other day. It might not seem so crazy to some people, but to me it was insanely crazy. I felt bizarre about the whole thing. But once I'd done it, everything felt fine. What was it, you ask? Did I lose my virginity? Did I die and come back to life? Did I get a sex change? No. None of those three things.

What happened? I was interviewed. Yeah, me. At first I didn't think it was for me. But it was. Nico Prat, journalist and host of Popcorn Sur Le Mouv, an weekday evening show about music and pop culture on French radio station Le Mouv, invited me for an interview on Tuesday 19th November. It was on the radio, I had to talk out loud (luckily not in French cause I'm not as proficient as I'd like to be - is anybody?) but despite my fears of talking out loud - especially considering this was a live broadcast - I think I did pretty well. My family said so. But then again, they're supposed to say that.

I haven't listened to the interview yet. I've downloaded the podcast, so I have forever the data that contains me being interviewed on radio, even if I won't listen to it for a while. However, if you would like to download it (free-of-charge) and have a listen to some of the tunes they play on Popcorn Sur Le Mouv and/or listen to me say some words about my site and what kinda stuff I'm into at the moment, then please feel free. You'll find it here:

I would like to thank Mr Nico Prat for following YES/NO and sharing a selection of my music taste to a wider audience. And thank you, whoever you are that's reading this, for reading YES/NO. I would like to continue on this journey of finding and writing about new music from all directions and if you want to come along for the ride there's a lot of room. Please feel free to get in touch for whatever reason, especially if you are an artist or band looking for someone to have a listen of your music. I would like to hear it.

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  1. incroyable ! i used to listen to le mouv all the time..well done, great interview

    1. miguelli lamissimo! hello :)
      it's so weird, right?? thank you!