Friday 1 November 2013


So I tried this. I tried to make a mix. Well actually I suppose you could call it not trying but instead something closer to having actually made a mix. Cause that's what I've done: I've made a mix. Previously I've just made playlists for the end of each month, thinking all the time that a mix was like definitely too hard. Fortunately I was lucky enough to have a small chat with Mr Mark Redito (aka Spazzkid) about making a mix and he was very helpful, and in fact pivotal, in this thing happening - with the smallest snippet of advice he compelled me to basically just do it. So that's what I did. I made it in Garageband, imagine that. Say what you will about Macs - the fact they come with pre-installed music software is a very nifty little godsend, if you ask me.

So anyway. The mix. It includes a song from everyone I wrote about in October. As a result, it may have a slightly clunky or jarring sound to it (not least because I am a complete amateur at this). However, I spent a lot of time on it and tried my best to listen over and over again to the transitions, syncing the songs as best I could; this was trickier than you'd imagine because of the varying styles of the songs, leading naturally to clashes in levels and BPM that I had to remedy. So it was just a case of finding good places to leave one song and enter another - matching atmospheres, in a way. In the future, perhaps when I'm writing about more and more songs, I might have to make the mix more "select" which is an unfortunate prospect but hey I think it would have better results. This time around I didn't do such a bad job I guess. The only way is to get better at this! So I might make a few more mixes here and there...

BUT ENOUGH of my words. Here it is. Say goodbye to October and say hello to November.

Cory Jreamz - Alive
Samuel - Steam Train
Botany feat. RYAT - Simple Creatures
AVAY - Miracle
Breton - Got Well Soon
99LETTERS - Machine
Life & Limb - Fool's Nest (LIES "Promises" remix)
Strangehead - ใ„ทใ„นใ…Šใ……(Dream Chaser)
Tara Carosielli - Disco Lights
Bodhi - Imperfection
Ciara - Body Party (Boys Get Hurt Remix)
Disclosure - F For You (Onra Remix)
CFCF - Beyond Light
Vulkano - Spider Spider
Maurice Aymard & Gui Boratto - Home
Botany - Quatic
Phacts - Frozen
Saint Pepsi - Unhappy
liquid.sunshine - Seashore Mosaic
N-Qia - Shootingstar
Ryv - Yaspring
Eone - Airport Lounge
Saint Pepsi - We Belong Together
Meishi Smile - Seoul

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