Thursday 14 November 2013


A second guest mix! Wow, what the H! What the F! I know. It's really cool. Like I said when I introduced Bawxxx for Guest Mix 001, a mix is a good way to not just show off a person's tastes but also their talents: mixes are kinda easy to do but difficult to master (like anything really). This next Guest Mix arrives courtesy of Japanese producer 99LETTERS, an evident aficionado of hard electro house and tech house. Of course, as producer, he creates music himself - and seemingly insatiably too, telling me that he has "make more music." Real name Takahiro Kinoshita, hailing from Osaka, Japan, 99LETTERS was first inspired by "techno and ghetto house," listing Boys Noize, Gesaffelstein, SCNTST, Hoshina Anniversary, Erol Alkan, Tiga ("...and more!") as current influences on his music.

Speaking of his music, there are a few tunes in this mix that are actually his. Yep, sure are. There's his breezy indie-dance-style remix of fellow Osaka-dwellers The Paellas' recent track 'Sugar', the crunch buzz of his original track 'Adios' as well as 'Gangurio' and its assault of bleeps, finishing with his remix of Gesaffelstein 'Pursuit' - a chopped-up, slow-techno tank of a track. Of course, there's lots of other things in this mix - from Daniel Avery to Erol Alkan, from Tiga to Canblaster: it's a long buzz-saw of heart-pumping techno and electro.

Circle Of Life (Lion King)
The Paellas - Sugar (99LETTERS Remix Demo 1)
Daniel Avery - Reception
Tiga - Mind Dimension
Gesaffelstein - Variations
99LETTERS - Adios (Original Mix)
Erol Alkan - Bang
Adam X - Fare Beat
Canblaster - I Can't Wait
Benjamin Damage - 010x (SCNTST Remix)
Mr. Oizo - Bruce Willis Is Dead
Boys Noize - Reality
Jeremy Greenspan - God Told Me To
99LETTERS - Gangurion (Demo)
Housemeister - We Need Cash
Gesaffelstein - Pursuit (99LETTERS Remix)

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