Sunday 3 November 2013


Woweee, first post of November. Well, aside from my October MIX (yeah, it's still a thing)... But this - THIS - is my first real post. Even though it's the 3rd already. That's ok though. Don't worry about me - I've been half-busy or maybe 1/3-busy. In any case, I now have a notepad on which to write everything down on so I don't forget to feature it.

However, a notepad cannot galvanise a routine so much as to make it immune to just-released, really nice music. Distractions come in all shapes and sizes, and stumbling across stuff that I hadn't planned to write about, nor knew even existed, is one of the best distractions there is. Schedules are dropped and I focus my attention on this new thing.

This time, it's got quite an interesting backstory. Not that I know all the ins-and-outs but in essence: a compilation CD of "Various Artists" (I love that phrase) associated with various entities (weekly beatmakers & beatdroppers, TeamSupreme, label/radio show/collective Soulection, by-artists-for-artists label HW&W, collective M|O|D) created for the purpose of raising funds to help a fellow artist-in-trouble, one half of duo Penthouse Penthouse, who has apparently had some trouble with the police. Justice nique sa mere la dernier flic que j'ai vu avait plus de vice que le dealeur de ma rue is what I say to that.

In any case, one of the songs from that compilation, touchingly named Got Your Back Foundation Vol. 1, is by the equally well-named LA-based Snorlax (real name Cody Farwell) and is called 'To Protect & To Serve' and here it is.

With a slow intro, percussive synth noises and fidgeting clicks pervade the silence gradually - it's almost peaceful in a way, but there's certainly a sense of bigger and louder things to come. And they sure do arrive, those loud things. They arrive in the form of a thick wall of bass that encases your entire mind - it's an ear massage, a brain-clean, instant paralysis. Paralysis in the sense that, moreso things around you seem to stop completely whilst all you kinda wanna do is get up and WIGGLE.

The beat is a skiffly half-time ghetto house juke kinda operation; supported by frantic waves of syncopated synth chords, there's a whole feeling of urgency to the rhythms of this track, the kinda thing that makes your feet itch for a nice bit of dancing. Anyway, I've said that already basically. At the same time, there's a strange sense of chill - perhaps owing to the hanging-in-the-air nature of the beat's clap/snare, but maybe owing to the thick, fluid sounds of the synth, the sorta thing you just wanna drink or swim in. In any case, it's real nice.

You should for real check out Got Your Back Foundation Vol. 1 (released by TeamSupreme).

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