Thursday 7 November 2013


What no picture/image/photo? Well, no. It's just something I'm trying out. BEAR with me (yes: to all those who are always asking people to obscenely "BARE" with them, it is actually spelt "bear"). In any case, there's still a video up above this writing to watch. Sure is. Anyway, enough blabbering.

This is a video for a song called 'Rosaries' by San Francisco-based trio - the first names of which are Shaun, Kevin & Abe - Weekend. A very ungoogleable name if I may say so and also not to be confused with The Weeknd. These guys are very different. Always up for a bit of shoegazin' sound myself, I full-screened the video and watched the lonely guy at the centre of this video live his nocturnal life (it cut a little close to the bone actually). Whilst I watched with a vague unease, I found the music not only fitting but a soothing soundtrack to the situation: perhaps because it fit so well, perhaps cause it doesn't have any really discernible lyrics that you could ascribe to this man's predicament. I dunno.

Away from the video, just listening to the song, it's a wash of beautiful bleakness. It pervades the air with an intense ambient white noise that falls over you like a constant grey mist. It's wracked with a near-suffocating cloud of endless reverb that works by attaching feelings of muffled hope and faint shades of despair to the song; an all-encompassing feeling which, if you've felt before, you should hear teeming in this track. Sparks of Western-movie guitar twang in the midst of this ambient storm - a touch of the leaping human heart - as a thumping beat drives it forward, growing increasingly developed with rolling hi-hat and the slap-crash of a snare in the last third.

It comes from Weekend's 2nd album Jinx, already out in the USA on Slumberland Records, but released internationally via the band's own label, Strange Dog Records, on 25th November. I'd link to the Strange Dog Records site but you wouldn't believe how ungoogleable that is also. Dog records - as in World Records won by dogs - which are strange.

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