Sunday 1 December 2013


My bones ache after all of that. My spirit hurts and my eyes are dry. Who knew that making a mix was so exhausting? I mean, all you're doing really is looking and listening, clicking and dragging, but it's actually a somewhat tedious process that – as enjoyable as it is creating a cohesive selection of quite varied tracks – really does feel endless at times. It's the finished result I guess that is the reward. But then again, matching songs up with one another and creating the perfect stitching between the songs is really fun. It's an easy-to-do creative thing; with no actual making of music involved, all it requires really is a good ear and a little bit of patience. Of course, I am just an amateur, so I mean no disrespect to those who make proper mixes or who DJ and stuff like that. Skilful stuff innit.

In some ways, thank FUCK November is over. It's kind of a rubbish month that I can't really stand. So let's celebrate the end of another shitty November and usher in the magic of December, with all its half-promise of snow, crisp days, family togetherness and, of course, Christmas and all its trimmings. Wahoo!

Rainbow Valley - Spinney
Elen Never Sleeps - Rum
Psapp - Wet Salt
Austra - Forgive Me
Clara Moto - Placid Kindness
Bitch Prefect - Shipped It
Superfood - Melting
The Orwells - Dirty Sheets
Metome - Black Black
Fortune Howl - Interzone Export (Bwoy De Bhajan Remix)
Weekend - Rosaries
Archivist - Swim
Home - Nod If You Can Hear Me
Uio Loi - Archive
Breton - Envy
Fortune Howl - Paws (bo en Remix)
Cory Jreamz - Nina
Botany - Anchor
Shelf Nunny & Eriko Toyoda - About The Boy
Platypi - For Real
UMA - Vanity
Backbone - Blank Field
Nitemoves - Mikuni
Harmful Logic - Better Times Will Come
Julien Mier - Super Tropic Tramp
Snorlax - To Protect & To Serve
DJ DJ Booth - Sknybdyfmymnrrwdy
Justin Timberlake - Suit & Tie (SMOKI Remix)
Spazzkid - 40 Winks
Psapp - Your Hot Knife
Table Music Meeting - Autumn

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