Tuesday 26 November 2013


Every now and again you stumble across something that has an unpronounceable name - it's just a damn saviour that I only exist as a person online, never have to talk or show my face, and use typing instead of vocal chords. Just imagine trying to pronounce the name of this song, yes, this song right here: 'Sknybdyfmymnrrwdy' — I mean, it probably stands for something (and actually I'm sure I can vaguely hear what it is that it stands for in the song but not unvageuly enough to actually tell you) but I dunno what it stands for. Does anybody? Probably.

In fact, I know that one person almost definitely knows what it means, and that's the creator of the song DJ DJ Booth. He's a producer, maybe from the UK but I'm not gonna say for sure because there's nothing really said. All I really know is that he has a new EP out on Activa Benz, a London record label co-created/curated by producer Slugabed; the EP is the brilliantly titled Todd Edwards Falling Down The Stairs and the innovative 'Sknybdyfmymnrrwdy' is one of the songs from the release (out yesterday/25th Nov).

Let's listen.

Tagged with "House?" it is indeed a kinda house-question-mark track — whilst supplying us with that unmistakeable syncopated hi-hat that puts everyone in mind of a house song, the thudding kicks don't feature regularly throughout the song and there's a garage lilt to some of the percussion that rattles through the song - including successions of clicks, woodblock taps, and ascending electric toms - especially the decidedly fresh snare flourishes. Replacing the typical house piano chord patterns with soft synth chords instead, he continues to decorate the track with glistening lances of lead synth, underpinning it with a sure squelch of synth bass that follows the pattern of a flute-kinda sound.

A warm song that is a lovely chaos of flavours - from house to garage and, would you Adam-and-Eve-it, trap - with white noise surf rising throughout alongside swooshing cymbals for extra dynamic; at times minimalistic, it is at other times a choppy sea of bustling noise - the low-register vocal sample, saying the actual words behind this track's title, helps to give it an attitudinal swagger that it exudes effortlessly. Blissfully nocturnal, immersive and subversive, 'Sknybdyfmymnrrwdy' pushes the sometimes singular mind of house to learn more things, forcing it to attend a night-class in creativity that sure pays off. Be safe in the knowledge that the rest of DJ DJ Booth's new Todd Edwards Falling Down The Stairs EP is just as flavourful: check out 'Ur Wastin My Time', for instance.

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