Monday 29 July 2013


What I've written in the title as Y E A R S perhaps should be properly realised as it appears: // Y E Λ R S // - but from here on in I'm gonna be saying Y E A R S or maybe even YEARS. So if that's ok with you, I'll continue now.

*Sigh* yep I just sighed IRL. So YEARS appeared kinda out of nowhere, I think someone posted one of their songs as a "new favourite" on Twitter. So I just blindly followed the link - as I do - and came out at the other end have a good nose around YEARS's's's SoundCloud. And how happy I was with it.

Where does YEARS fit in? With a new and boundary-pushing sectarian kind of genre of music I suppose you would call "vaporwave" - I've seen the term bandied around a lot with this kind of music and I suppose it fits. I guess the "-wave" bit comes from "new wave" and the "vapor-" bit comes from the fact that it's very chilled, a more-than-fluid sound that indeed seems to float into the ether and back down again into our awaiting ears as vapor. But I'm BRITISH so I'd say VAPOUR. Vapourwave.

The track in question is the newest in this Japanese (I can only assume but I'm 60% sure I'm wrong) producer's repertoire, called '彼女は私の夢の少女です' or 'She Is The Girl Of My Dreams' - let us listen.

It's a really easy-on-the-ears listen, something that just seems to melt every angsty feeling you may have into a nectar of nothingness. Sitting somewhere between lounge music, slow jams, pop and muzak, it is just teeming with dreamy sounds - harps tinkling, cute little synths, clopping woodblocks, fizzing hi-hats. The beat is wonderful, laid-back and lightly moody, a hint of clap like a leaflet falling on a puddle. Bass bulges smoothly like giant bubbles coming up from a silvery sea.

It's like another world. And who doesn't like being evaporated for a couple of minutes (or not quite that long), even if we are only to be condensed on the cold glass of reality. Sweet stuff.

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