Sunday 28 July 2013


I wrote about this fantastic Japanese producer Metome last month, when I stumbled across his brilliant song 'Water Cycle' - a whirlwind of artfully whizzing vocal samples that was like eating a whole bag of Tangfastics but without the feeling of guilt/fullness that comes after that physical ingestion: tangy stuff.

So it is with pleasure that I wholeheartedly welcome his latest track, 'Take This Love'. Even though the song's title is imperatively commanding, it is only Metome who is doing the commanding - yeah that's right. And he again commands vocal samples as if they are so many Pikmin, just as colourful and helpful to the general vibe of the song that, without them, it would feel a little washed out. But that isn't to say that the rest of the music isn't fab - it just wouldn't FEEL like Metome without that sampling prowess.

This also is quite exciting because I do believe it comes as the first release from an upcoming EP that Metome is working on. And that just means more exquisite music. But for now let us all have a nice little listen to this track eh.

It is completely lush. Glitchy beats gently saunter around, like a small rowboat on a huge sea of sub-bass writhing slowly beneath it. Electric piano warms the heart. The vocal sample - "Take this love..." - comes and goes, toyed with and pushed up and down octaves, sped up and super-slowed down. A saxophone sample gives this the ultimate lounge music vibe. More wordless vocal samples fall like droplets of the feelings of a romance you'll never forget.

And we are privileged to navigate it via Metome's ingenious dynamism, which flows organically like currents. He takes the right breaks in the right places, leaving it sparse where it needs to be, and showering it with breaths of feeling in other places. A genreless slice of dreamworld. This producer is a fantastic addition to the world of music and if you don't like it, even a little bit, then you are mad.

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