Friday 26 July 2013


Meant to post this a few days but life gets in the way doesn't it. Stuff happens that you kinda can't avoid. Best to accept it than get too frustrated. In any case, that's enough of that.

These are the dulcet dark pop tones of Florida trio X Priest X with the cryptically titled 'Samurai'. Made up of Madeline Priest (vocals), and producers Chandler Strang and David Kazyk, X Priest X embrace wholly a vision of stylised 80s synthpop in this dankly pretty song. It's pristine with a dull tinge that reeks of sunsets come too soon and long walks home - emotional, but with just enough dance sensibility to prop it up, like someone sad still determined to spend a night boogying on the dancefloor.

But that doesn't mean it's the kind of song that's gonna make you cry uncontrollably for no reason. It just has a sad air about it. Perhaps it's the airy drone of the synths, ones that seem to fly like whispy clouds through the rest of the song's sounds - ambiently emotive. The melody too has a tinge of longing to it, both in that of the vocals and the bouncy bass synth.

Not too heavy. And definitely some style in there - the kind of thing that goes hand in hand with a film like Drive; it has that cold-cut aesthetic, that 80s pop spirit that injects groove wherever it steps, that dead-cool vibe of endless nights and neon-lit palm trees. The vocals are clear, lucid, playing host to only a slight echo - in a similar vein, the drums are gloriously understated with especially perfectly placed golden-touch hi-hats.

It's the stuff that escapist dreams are made of. Luckily for those who often have those dreams, or like to listen to music like this that conjures those feelings, X Priest X are currently working on an EP - their debut, in fact.

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