Friday 12 July 2013


When is a remix not a remix?

When it's an edit, or a rerub, rework, refix, or some other name - that's when. I'm sure there is some tiny particular detail of difference between all these different terms, and maybe I'm just stupid, but to be honest I kinda don't particularly care what you call it. But then again maybe I AM just stupid. You tell me.

In any case, I went straight from Gang Colours' 'Man Up Girl! Open For Business' mix to this. Chris Ward, aka Tropics, is friends with Will Ozanne, aka Gang Colours. It was a natural progression to check out what Mr Tropics was up to after I finished writing about GC. And he musta heard the the 'Open For Business' mix cause what I saw was that Tropics had done an edit of 'Lift Off' by 2morrows Victory, a song that features as the opening for said mix. It's a great song - a kind of spacey foray into rap via soulful 'n' beatless skater vibes.

That's where the Tropics edit changes things. Keeping that ambient drone on which the original drifted like a few rapscallions on a magic carpet, he pulls those mellow chords to where he wants them, chopping them where necessary. He gives legs to a song which before was in danger of floating away.

It's now endowed with a slightly glitchy beat that's at once busy and balanced, snares and claps battling for power as hi-hats spazz electrically behind them, hemming in the essential organs of the original with a beautiful bone structure. He takes sections of the original husky vocal, too, and loops them to great effect. Though the original is a very good song, Tropics' version of it might as well basically be a Tropics song - this also means a very good song. His fingerprints are all over it. Shuffling and bouncy without being obvious, taking care of the original samples but not letting them overpower his own additions, it's an exercise in harmony and it works very well indeed.

I was very happy to hear this because I was amazingly happy with Tropics' recent Home & Consonance EP. You should, if you haven't, probably go and listen to that.

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