Saturday 27 July 2013


Yes, I am similarly confused. What exactly is 'FltNordf'? Well, for starters it's a song by rRoxymore - aka Hermione Frank. I don't know where she is from, I'm afraid. I read that she started making music in Montpellier, but then I also read that she is from Berlin. Third culture kid, perhaps. But the true mystery is this song title. What even–?

Not to worry because whilst mysteries puzzle me, and a lot of people, I am not concerned with mysteries I am concerned with music. So we can all breathe a sigh of relief and get back to our frozen pizzas or whatever. Pheee-eww! Whew. So this is music. It's kind of techno house kind of stuff kinda. Maybe it's house techno. Either way: it's different.

Yup. It's a busy collection of sounds, all industriously creeping into your ears with each other. Some fly, some crawl, some are emailed there, some get thrown haphazardly: it's a mix. What is certain about this track is that it is an odyssey of sound, like witnessing a waterfall of various treasures pouring into a cave lit with glow-in-the-dark spores or incandescent mushrooms or something. It's a genuine adventure, a journey - being 8 minutes long obviously helps, but you can get longer songs that don't have half as much variation as this one.

For instance, at 2 minutes it goes through a transformation, falling back on a warm bass synth to carry it onwards to a break at the 3:30 mark, where these wonderful glitchy synths hop up and down the octaves - as these parts frolic on their own you realise it's a point of introduction, and at the halfway point the beat and bass comes in again. The true industry of the beat is highlighted when it's given the spotlight towards the end, allowing the exhaling claps to show themselves, as well as the hammering snares which seem to be a theme throughout, knife-sharpening hi-hats playing a big part too. An interesting beat is always appreciated.

I got lost in this one. It's got guts and boy are they labyrinthine, rolling and rollicking, encouraging you to take a stroll through its flashing tunnels and experience the temporal disturbance that seems to be at the very heart of this track. 8 minutes or no 8 minutes, allowing it to seep into your ears gives you the impression of no time at all. Time to dance, more like.

This comes as the first release from rRoxymore's upcoming Precarious/Precious EP, out 19th August on Human Level Recordings.

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