Saturday 20 July 2013


Loving this sound at the moment. It's turning old into new. You know the story by now. Some artists I've talked about who are doing this KINDA thing include Wasted Nights and Saint Pepsi, just to name a couple. It's a style that's spreading across the internet, which is or at least must be in many people's eyes the future platform of music. But that's beside the point.

The point is, it's using old shiz to make new tracks. I guess it's like fishing. Fishing has been going on for thousands of years, and the fish stay the same the whole time. But what's different is the cooking method - the dish. People are always pushing the boundaries when it comes to haute cuisine, or indeed haute musique. Just music in general.

After that convoluted message I suppose it's time to introduce the cause of my gibberish: HΛRRISON (but for the purposes of convenience let's say HARRISON). He's a young, up-and-coming artist from Toronto, Canada. He makes music that drips 80s vibes like a lush freshly watered houseplant drips water. It's the prevailing sound. Sensual, groovesome, phresh. You know what I mean.

So let's d-d-dive right into HARRISON's catalogue - actually I'll leave that to you; I'm just gonna slice off the freshest piece and dip it in some sauce and grill it. Which is 'Lolipop Love' - a reworking, a cover I guess kinda, of an obscure song of the same name from 1984 by obscure artist Bryan Loren (shrug).

HARRISON turns the pastel coloured drum machine synth-fest of the original into a much meatier listen. It's as if everything's been reinforced, from the now well-rounded reverb of the beat to the low rumble of the bass. The funk is undeniable, creeping under your skin in an instant. The heart and soul of the 80s original is most definitely kept, transplanted into a bigger, better vessel, like some kind of android, who is sleeker and stronger than the old body. Now, that's quite a talent, don't you think?

There's a powerful grip to this song, one that you can't help but yield to and be carried off by. To where? Somewhere nonexistent where everyone is power-dressing and swishing their perms around. Yet people have smartphones and stuff. It's the middle of the Venn diagram where past and present (future?) meet and party forever and ever. Positively swimming in good, summery vibrations. Oh and he has a KEATS//COLLECTIVE (same label as Wasted Nights) release coming out soon. Who knows when?

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