Wednesday 31 July 2013


Here is some music all the way from Italy. It's by a person - DJ/producer - who goes by the name of Jolly Mare ("mare" is sea in Italian, so I am guessing that's what it's all about) but who is actually called Fabrizio Faberismi. They were a participant in the Red Bull Music Academy 2013 and played, from what I can gather, a more than acceptable opening set for duo Masters at Work at Le Bain, New York.

Apparently people left there as fans of this guy, and I'm sure I would have too. However, for all the fledgling hermits out there, music is all online, baby. So let's create some more fans today by spreading these wonderful sounds around, eh? This particular number is one of the latest from Jolly Mare and is called 'Nobody Cares'.

I thought I was just going to be posting the audio for this but I actually found the video quite easily, so I just went for it, I bloody went for it. It's below. And it fits in perfectly with the retro vibes of the song, playing scenes from what could be a straight-to-VHS film from the glitzy trashy 80s. Of people frolicking/living in/by the sea.

The funky beat in this tune, with its differing snares, is the foundation to the rest of the funk found within - from the twanging, forever-sunset guitars to the gloriously wibbling lead synths in the first half. Different instruments of varying syntheticness swim in between each other in a medley of fun: in the background, LED-light type synths scuttle around faintly in the background, glittering against the rich backdrop of chilled-out good times.

The true groove here, however, I think comes from the bassline. More synth, it's true, but this song seems to be BUILT on synth - Starship may have built their city on rock and roll, but Jolly Mare builds these structures of dreamy escapism wholly on synth. But yes the bassline - soaked in 1980s aesthetic and grilled on the barbecue of retro-future fantasy, it's not far off getting the hairs on the back of your neck standing on end. Just perfect.

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