Monday 29 July 2013


Sometimes I don't understand all the spiel that goes with a song. There's so much convoluted information that spews forth alongside some new releases that I'm not sure how to condense it all down. Why not just keep things simple? Release a song and leave it up to people to say as they wish about it. Obviously there are the bare necessities to keep in mind, but sending out a massive press release is only going to feed lazy journalism more and more.

But ANYWAY. Whatever.

Let's talk about Fenbred. He is a producer and DJ from Brooklyn and he makes nice house music. An example of this is in his newish song 'Pyramids'. It is a "dancefloor" rendition of Frank Ocean's song of the same name, but whether it is or isn't doesn't really sway me one way or the other: it is a stand-alone, stand-up, perfectly good song-in-itself. It's an original, that's for sure.

With some lovely smooooth vocals from Detroit's Jay Alexzander, it becomes much more than a song to get people moving, something closer to an experience. Something to BE experienced.

Go ahead and experience it. Let it experience you.

What's clear from the beginning is that Fenbred knows how to set the mood - warm synths soar softly alongside thudding kicks and sandy hi-hats, giving it an instant richness, an impression of something to be savoured. The vocals are introduced as if you're approaching them from afar, looping wordless ahhs & ohhs providing that first glimpse and giving a soulful foundation to the rest of the vocals to come. Just enough echo drips off of these sultrily sung words.

The hi-hats get more agitated, shining out in tandem with the kicks. Tiny electronic beeps begin to peep out through the now bristling forest of chopped up vocals, layered and cyclical. It delivers innocuously, creeping up on you like the feeling of slowly becoming drunk and getting into the groove of a night out. Deep. And very nice to listen to.

This song was "officially" released last week. What else will come from Mr Fenbred? More I hope. He actually also did a lovely rendition of Fleetwood Mac's 'Dreams', which you should listen to.

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