Tuesday 30 July 2013


Gotta keep the electro flag flying. And when I say electro, I mean like, well, the kind of electro that is dirty and buzzy and has 'Flat Beat' for its ancestor, in a way. Repetitive but glorious. Well as Hot Chip mentioned to us all, there is such thing as a "joy of repetition". Over and over and over and over. It kinda whips you up into a frenzy doesn't it?

And so I introduce the unrelenting beats of 'Super Golfer' by Parisian electronic duo InShape. They're made up of A.Abela and O.Boutinaud and this song that they have made really piqued my interest. Why? Because I hadn't heard anything like it in a while. Despite it being "derivative" or whatever you want to call it, it struck me as a fresh sound. Maybe they will be dancing the Tektonik in France again before we know it.

With a simple 4/4 house beat as the foundation, the two have created a genuine head-bopper of a track. I'm currently tapping my foot but that's neither here nor there. The beat, either way, is thick and reeks of attitude - there's no decoration here; it's nothing but a meaty metronome but it is the perfect fit for this situation. Yep, along with the fidgety hi-hats it's just the ticket.

This video as well is just... so silly. I love it.

With a menacing intro, there are nasty distorted synths in this song, giving it a very dirty sound. Bouncy bass synths back up from behind, providing support for the staccato sound. Brief washes of chorused synth come and go in waves. Towards the halfway point there's a REAL distorted synth that sounds something like a chainsaw being started - grindy and gravelly. At this point the funk of the song begins to appear, bringing the song to life even more than it already was.

There are little touches along the way that ensure that the song doesn't lose your attention - the sounds are twisted, added to, layered, switched around and blown up. With or without them, however, it's a pretty brash and brazen track and that is is exactly why I like it: InShape know that in 'Super Golfer' they have created a dirty electro track. And that is precisely what it is. If you dug this as much as I dug-digged it then you can purchase InShape's debut album Full Measures right away.

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