Tuesday 9 July 2013


Might be late on this one but it's on my to-write list and by gor am I gonna write it. I mean, who cares anyway. It's new enough for me. It's my site and that's that. Sorry.

So yeah anyway this is some music from Tourist, aka the real life person William Phillips (probably) who is from London. The song is called 'Peaks' and it was released on XLR8R (it's a site and NOT a number plate, apparently) like a month ago so I am sorry about the lateness. Tourist as a general artist been on my list ever since a friend recommended I listen to it but all the other stuff on his SoundCloud is 5 months old or more, boohoo. In this instance I do heartily suggest listening to basically everything on his SoundCloud. It's very good.

What genre of music does Tourist make? What genre of music is 'Peaks'? Nice, that's what. Simple as that.

However, in all seriousness the music of 'Peaks' is inlaid with a garage beat, reflecting a typically London sound with skipping hi-hats and occasional claps - yet the music itself is something else. I guess you'd call it "future garage" or something like that. The synth work is quite experimental, switching from low register saw-waves to higher hollow chords and pitch-bent screamers. To back this up there's some subtle synth bass, too. This provides a nice bed on which a vocal sample is played with like a piece of yielding Play-Doh, stretched in especially wonderful ways at around the 4:30 mark. By the end the beat is bigger and less fractured, leaving you almost reeling from the soft offensive on the ears.

Lovely shtuff. I am interested to see what will come next from Tourist - could be this year. Who knows. I don't.

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