Saturday 13 July 2013


Talk about a knock-on effect... from Gang Colours' mix, to Tropics' edit, to the guys themselves: yes, this is 2morrows Victory with a new (2 months-old) song called 'Voir (JustUs)'. When you go exploring, sometimes you really do find some lovely stuff. And this is precisely one of those sometimes. I had never heard of these guys before a couple of days ago, but as far as I can gather they're from London and they look - and most importantly SOUND - set for big things.

This song comes as a single from an upcoming "project" (an album or an EP, who knows) simply called SEVEN. Perhaps it will include 7 songs. Or be a concept album about the number 7. Any which way you look at it, and especially judging from the stuff I've heard before (including this live rendition of the beautiful 'Lift Off'), it will probably be a very fine-sounding record. Fine as in fiiiiiiiine - not as in "I'm fine thanks".

The song begins as a journey into another dimension, one where the breezes of the world become languid synths that seem to stretch off into infinity, where the earth is a quaking thick jelly of distorted saw-waves at the very deep end of the bass spectrum. Kicks punctuate this world like gentle stepping stones. Later on, snares crack-snap like supernovae.

It's a youthful collage of sounds that, as much as they seem to be ploughing ahead into the future, seems to hold dear to its heart the laid-back and somewhat retro tenets of skate music - it's a broad genre, not even a genre actually and more of a feeling that I get. But it has that long-days, sociable yet esoteric subculture vibe to it. If you know what I mean, you know what I mean. If you don't, then I'm sorry that I couldn't get my point across.

The spacey journey continues and before you know it, 2morrows Victory are treating you to 90s slow-jam like sounds, soulful vocals that seem to stroke your ears. This soon gives way to a slow and fluid rap before the final quarter melts into a wide sound incorporating everything that'd come before. A future sound that can't well be ignored. So naturally I'm looking forward to this new project - whenever it may come our way.

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