Tuesday 2 July 2013


Could this be the longest title I have ever written? It could well be. But that's ok. There's gotta be a milestone every now and again, and if a long title is your thing, then here you have your record-breaker - fact-finders rejoice. But on the other hand it's really not the point and it's totally fatuous, moreover.

It's only long cause the title of the song is long. It's called, obviously, 'All My Love And All Your Love (Together We Are Fine)' - like a kind of romantic equation - and it's by, just as obviously, Part Time. They are from San Fransisco and they make quite nice music. This is literally the first I've heard from them though, so who am I to judge? I'm the one who's heard this song to judge! That's who! Hoo hah!

What I first liked about this song is its quite clear retro sensibilities, from the modulating soft synth that provides a nice shining mercury foundation to the winsomely whimsical echoing vocals, the evidence of having at least one ear firmly in an 80s mood is certainly here. It's smooth and pleasing to the ear, like caramel is for the mouth.

My vote on what's mostly to blame for that wholesome feeling of tasty satisfaction is the ultimate funk of the bassline, which even including a pleasurably glassy slide down the fretboard. Coupled to this there's a rabidly twangful guitar (maybe I'm wrong) kind of sound that pitches its solo sounds more towards the end of the song, adding a decidedly quirky angle to the tune. Most of the song's vocals are in the second half and mainly just repeat the title like a hopeful mantra, or one of positive yearning - the multiple voices in these instances are nice, adding a friendly appeal that always seems to effuse from a jubilent choir of voices (à la The Go! Team - it's what sprung to mind first DEAL WITH IT).

Did you like it? Yes? No? Well, if you did you can thank Allah because they've got a new album on the way called PDA, out 9th July on Mexican Summer records.

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