Wednesday 24 January 2018


Wow. Jumping off the back of the moving vehicle that is his October-released Skyriser EP, Maxo flies through the air somersaulting as he does and forward rolls landing very safely, spots something glinting in the sky and sprints to catch it as it falls – ping! It glows as it's caught, this object. Oh it's a USB! Maxo turns gold all over and spins off into the clouds. Centuries later he returns with it shining ever brighter: a bootleg remix of the classic 'GT40', opening track on Lindsay Lowend's pretty legendary Wind Fish EP, an ancient tome in the realm of internet music.

Though it runs along the same lines as the original, Maxo's version has of course had some magic infused; it's 20 seconds shorter and 500 times as fast. The breakcore values now imbued in this track give it a constant gleaming uzi-fire of hi-hats, the original lounge chords now rapid-fire and jolting, smeared like paint, rewound, scuttled and rebuilt; an intense keepsake of glitch. The bridge in the middle, usually a moody tract of VGM-juke, now has its sample mysteriously slowed-down as the beat continues its neon gallop to the finish. And Maxo on the back of a smaller flying whale uses the USB and opens a portal to the next area.

  • 🔔 Maxo's amazing track arrived at that tricky time of year to be noticed for anything other than a Christmas song: Christmas. So it may have been slept on by many. Including us. But don't worry because, well, just don't–it's bad for your health.

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