Monday 15 January 2018


"Change reality…" The vocal sample in this track is a fitting one, breaking through its hypnotic heart with foggy delay and reverb like an interdimensional mantra and suggesting this most wild and fantastical of notions. It fits alright, suiting the fluttering synth of the track, the way it phases in and out, the glassy sounds that fold into the track like sugar into a delicious batter for the brain. Like rain, hi-hats seem to fall golden and white-noise pitter-patter, chilled rather than agitated.

Summoned by Australian musicmaker Fantastic Man, these sounds are the thinner spiritual elements of 'Reality Change', the veil of somnolent heavy-eyed air, the spirit of sunset-gazers, leg-crossers and cocktail-drinkers, a Balearic fantasia. At the same time, acid synth wiggles in, urgent and silly and elastic; and the booming bounce of bass and the unrelenting kicks ground this rave-wise into something earthly, the visceral anchor for its flights of fancy; at its core, these two retro styles inhabiting the same groove.

  • 🔔 This is from Fantastic Man's P.M.T.C. 12" (featuring 'Reality Change' alongside one other track, 'Cool Waters'), released 8th January 2018 via Superconscious Records. You can purchase it on Bandcamp for a certain amount of currency.

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