Friday 12 January 2018


There is something beautifully sad about this song—even before you learn of its origins, which makes it sadder still, there is an air of farewellness to it, the slumping gentle feeling of the plucked synth that weaves through, the poignant space left between each resonation: the emotion behind it rather than the melody itself, which itself is wistful in its slow cheeriness, like bright blurry eyed melancholy. And the title: 'Worthy'. It hits the heart, combining with the music – the frustrated whispering glitch of percussion, the close intimate feeling of the beat, the warmth and welling-up of the thicker synth and bass, the watery outdoors samples symbolic of life and living – to summon this small heroic hope in the downtrodden swirl of depression.

But in 'Worthy' its creator, LA-based producer James Im aka oh my muu, is not only building this emotive and inspirational soundscape in and of itself; rather it has been created as a tribute to Kim Jong-hyun, the K-pop star who committed suicide on 18th December 2017. As such the song takes on a whole different persona, and becomes bigger than it is: especially when it is imbued as it is with Jonghyun's spirit—a sample from the singer's 2015 song 'I'm Sorry' crackles throughout, broken and decayed, as if heard from an unknown elsewhere, uncovered by you personally amidst digital debris; a truly touching, intense element of the track that feels instantly timeless; a sweet swansong.

After more soft, playful synth, the track ends on a crescendo of fluttering grainy synth chords atop columns of bass, like tears and pain mingling with determination; or, having felt devoured by despair, it's the shock of having someone tell you, "it's ok, you are worthy." Catharsis and letting go.

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