Thursday 11 January 2018


Now for a song that is literally all about weed. Not as a thing, but those who smoke it. Chicago dweller Soule oozes his chilled vocals into the intoxicating whirl of 'STNR'. The instrumental, a soft comfy cushion of synth and sharp rattling beats, comes courtesy of lil death; blissful chiming electronics sweep in a heavenly loop above a firm rumble of bass, the vocals and their million mile reverb like weedsmoke hazing upwards and fading into nothing.

The video illustrates the story of the track well. "[It's] about 2 (closer than) friends who like to do similar things like exploring the city and smoking weed but they live 2 different lives," explains Soule over email. The two different lives spotlit in the visuals shows that stoners "can get stuff done and don't just sit at home doing nothing." The positivity of the video and the ultrachill of the track itself is part of a message that Soule was attempting to send; whilst he mentions to us that "showing the bright side of Chicago was essential" he also explains: "I would like to help the world become more accepting of stoner culture."

  • 🔔 The 'STNR' visuals were directed by Blue Peel Productions, an "all female production team" led by Jalena Keane-Lee who also stars in the video. "Blue Peel aims to put women of color both in front and behind the camera to create engaging and innovating videos." Learn more.
  • 🔔 'STNR' is taken from Soule's mixtape The Care Package. You can listen to that here.

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