Monday 15 January 2018


Julian-Quan Le aka LeJKeys creates this voyage of calm in 'Cheers'—a sort of kinetic stillness, a lovely slow sway of sound, like watching fish dart and float around in their submarine homes in shallows where seaweed streams in the current and anemones curl and stretch in slow motion, all of it shone upon by glassy dappled sun through the wobbling waves. It's a simple perfect scene summoned by the track's own gorgeous simplicity.

The slowness and friendly calm that LA-based pianist and producer LeJKeys conjured with soft synth boops and unassuming sparse beat, a lazy cheerful whistle that folds into it all, moments of intensity with the brimming happiness of fizzing synth chords, not to mention the clear upbeat vocals of Ari Afsar – sometimes gently layered and pitch-shifted, beautifully drawn-out, but always lilting sweetly – is a testament to positivity and wonder.

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