Wednesday 24 January 2018


The very sparing nature of this track is partly what makes it, the purposeful holding back on how many elements should be used and where, and secondly it is the sense of decay that eats around the edges of its sounds, providing you with a glimpse into what it might sound like transporting a feeling or a general mood from the afterlife into the waking world via digital means, or vice versa. The atmosphere in 'stress' is cold, computerised, voidsome even, yet shot through at all times with a continual warmth.

COMPUTER DATA follows in the vein of broken house purveyed by producers like DJ Seinfeld, except with a notable veil of chill at work: the synths are constant and wavy, deep hypnotic streams of robust texture that call to mind something in the realm of vaporwave. Streamers of fluid fuzzy melody ring out gleaming against that warm plasma modulation, ghostly samples waft in and out, the beat in its drum machine glory crackling with rapid-fire handclap fills and the synths swell with bass, absorbing you into its swell of cool vacancy.

COMPUTER DATA Internet Presence ☟

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