Wednesday 10 January 2018


We are back in the misty moods that define the music of Bels Lontano, and this time we are inducted into the sumptuous beats and the trickling of percussion of 'Lovely Path' that helps to make it a textured journey of sound. Whereas 'Smokkr' was a delicately decorated tract of sultry ultrachillment, this one is a more winding, creeping sonic illustration, more a flurry of house-styled kicks that keep it uptempo, some sense of vague worry like being lost without fear in a wide wonderful world.

Simple bass underpins the cascade of it all, an ascending pattern of notes that gives the impression of motion, sidechained to the beat for this wavy in-and-out-of-earshot vibe. Chimes glisten and gloss together, insectoid chirruping zings in the background; the clink-clank of hefty metallic objects draped across each other and dragged along for the ride. Harp sounds evoke something heavenly in the nocturnal marrow of this track, a path through an ancient forest lit for your safety by bioluminescent mushrooms: a lovely path.

  • 🔔 This arrives ahead of Bels Lontano's Kin Decade EP, which is "out soon".

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