Thursday 4 January 2018


Until midway through 2017, the music of Dominican Republic wasn't something that entered into the core consciousness of YES/NO. However it was through continued contact with one of its components that we began to discover the varied and energetic music of this Caribbean nation.

Santiago-based Diego Raposo was happy to introduce himself to us via email. Co-founder of one of the country's handful of independent labels, MITEL DICO – "we work around electronic/hip hop stuff," he explains – he also references other outlets that we should know about. "We got some friends in the east side of the island," he tells us. "Stereoptico, they also do some fun stuff, more around the bass sounds." The city is also home to El Cuarto Elástico, a "really experimental collective."

"Basically we got tons and tons of crazy music," he summarises, "lots of tropical vibes, caribbean rhythms and all that, also super interesting." As opposed to larger countries, where scenes occur in different regions and cities, it seems as though Dominican Republic is a scene in itself. "This is a really small island," Raposo explains, "so we kinda know each other and try to collab and support ourselves."

"Lately that has been happening a lot."

The new year begins. And with it, new music from new artists. That is, new for you. Diego Raposo was kind enough to offer up four of Dominican Republic's most interesting, most vibing artists that you should know for 2018. From experimental to traditional, minimal house to rap, the styles encompassed in this short selection of artists says a lot about the musical temperament of this overlooked country. Read on

Dominican Republic is extremely flavoured, in all aspects. Culture, people, architecture, food, music… Lately, we are seeing lots of experimental and independent projects come up in our country, watching them spread into the universe emanating fresh vibes. I’ve come up with this list of four artists to watch in 2018. These are pretty well known in our island, soon to conquer foreign lands; each of these guys have an extremely interesting and distinct sound; living icons, legends on the way.


Eclectic electronic sounds, sonic landscapes

'Fabric de Baja Resolución' from 16-year-old producer Boundary's album Fantasmagórico.
Released on 19th May 2017 via experimental Santo Domingo label El Cuarto Elástico.


Boundary on

Riccie Oriach

Dominican folklore music in the year 3018

'Viaje Al Infinito' from composer and musician Riccie Oriach's debut EP Viaje Al Infinito.
Produced by Federico López Schaper and released in November 2017.


Riccie Oriach on

Jordy Sánchez

Grooves expert. Irresistible club music.

'Moment' from Jordy Sánchez's EP Moment.
Released November 2017 via Ukraine-based label Dushe.


Jordy Sánchez on


Rhymes master / iconic flow

'La Desenmoña' from rapper NZA's upcoming album Geometría Sagrada.


NZA on

Diego Raposo Internet Presence ☟

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